ERGA warmly welcomes the adoption of the European Media Freedom Act

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11 04 2024
In a statement issued today, ERGA warmly welcomes the adoption of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) - a key piece of legislation for media freedom and pluralism, which is essential for European democracies.
ERGA believes the final agreement between co-legislators is well-balanced and reflects an ambitious approach to the media sector, both offline and online. ERGA is also grateful that a considerable number of its proposals and suggestions made during the negotiation process have been taken into account by the co-legislators.
The national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and ERGA stand ready to actively play a central role under the EMFA in the future European Board for Media Services (EBMS). The EBMS will upgrade and replace the current ERGA – 10 years after its creation – and will be entrusted with high level responsibilities related to both EMFA and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). However, to achieve the overall objectives of the EMFA, resources should be appropriately increased at technical, human, and financial for NRAs, to ensure their effective contribution to EBMS’s activities.
As of now, ERGA is actively preparing for the future and getting ready for the transition to the EBMS. An intense workplan has been adopted for this year notably to develop ideas and proposals for the EBMS statement of purpose and pluriannual strategy, which will set the broad priorities and objectives for the first years of its activity, and the rules of procedure, to ensure its smooth and efficient functioning.
In the coming months, ERGA will engage in a constructive collaboration with the European Commission, and in consultations with relevant stakeholders involved in the media sector, to prepare for the launch of the EBMS and be ready to make the most of EMFA when it enters into application.
"We warmly welcome the adoption of the EMFA," stated Giacomo Lasorella, Chair of ERGA. "This development marks a new era in the regulation of media contents: the EMFA fosters a regulatory level playing field for online and offline media providers for the benefit of EU citizens; to this aim, the EMFA entrusts new responsibilities and competencies to EU national regulatory authorities, and strengthens the institutional design for regulatory cooperation. We are fully committed and actively engaged in contributing
to a seamless transition from ERGA to the European Board for Media Services (EBMS), to ensure continuity and, at the same time, enhance the effectiveness of media regulation across Europe.”
About ERGA:
The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) consists of the national regulatory authorities in the field of audiovisual media services. ERGA advises the European Commission and facilitates the cooperation between the regulatory bodies in the EU. Mr Giacomo Lasorella, President of the Italian AGCOM (Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni) is the current Chairperson of ERGA.