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ERGA warmly welcomes the adoption of the European Media Freedom Act - 11.04.2024 г.
20th ERGA Plenary: European media regulators look into the future, from the implementation of the DSA to the introduction of the EMFA - 21.12.2024 г.
ERGA adopts its position for the trilogues on the European Media Freedom Act and wishes a swift finalization of the legislative process. - 30.10.2023 г.
19th ERGA Plenary: European media regulators gather and discuss their role in a changing audiovisual environment - 29.06.2023 г.
ERGA signs a joint Declaration with other networks of regulators supporting the goals of the UNESCO Global Conference for the protection of democracy and human rights - 02.03.2023 г.
ERGA Plenary: Members discuss the EMFA, elect the new Board and look ahead to the work programme for 2023 - 05.12.2022 г.
European Media Freedom Act (EMFA): ERGA adopts its position paper supporting the initiative and calling for an effective independence of the new European Board for Media Services - 29.11.2022 г.
ERGA welcomes the entry into force of the DSA, which will bring about a safer digital environment in Europe, and is prepared for its application - 17.11.2022 г.
ERGA welcomes the objectives of the EMFA proposal and highlights the importance to secure an effective independence and adequate resources for its implementation - 07.10.2022 г.
Transparency and targeting of political advertising: ERGA asks for clearer definitions and an unequivocal commitment to coordinated governance - 21.09.2022 г.
17th ERGA Plenary: European media regulators gather and discuss how to provide input for key European legislative proposals - 01.07.2022 г.
ERGA shares the European Commission goals and calls for a higher level of transparency of political advertising - 04.05.2022 г.
ERGAsubmitsits contribution to the Commission’s public consultationon the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) - 07.04.2022 г.
Digital Services Act: independent supervision and strong cooperation are key - 24.03.2022 г.
ERGA and EDMO meet to further strengthen cooperation in meeting disinformation challenges - 24.03.2022 г.
ERGA stands united and ready to contribute to the effectiveness of new EU economic sanctions on Russian state-controlled media - 02.03.2022 г.
ERGA’s united response to foreign disinformation and information manipulation: European media regulators strengthen their cooperation - 10.02.2022 г.
European media regulators start their work in a crucial year for the development of the EU media framework - 04.02.2022 г.
ERGA presents its priorities to the Culture and Education Committee in the European Parliament - 17.01.2022 г.
Transparency only harms those who have something to hide - 03.12.2021 г.